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Name: Hana
Location: States
E-mail: hanz2018@yahoo.com

  • August 2006

  • Just one more..
  • My Trip to Jordan
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    .::Sunday, August 20, 2006::.

    .:Just one more..:.

    Assalamo Alaikum,

    My mom will be here soon inshaAllah! My dad and I are going to Detroit by car tomorrow night. I'm so happy dude...

    Dana is coming, and Mariam started walking, and I miss Mays A.LOT.!

    I asked my mom to get me a miswak coz there was this sheikh on TV who said that it was a sunnah wajeba that we use it an all (and also coz i need to make my teeth whiter :D). She's also bringing BIZIR! That's..seeds (watermelon and sunflower seeds)..so im looking forward to eating that B-).

    So tomorrow is going to be a cool day..inshaAllah. Make du'a for me girls =]


    Hana @ 2:34 PM

    .::Saturday, August 19, 2006::.

    .:My Trip to Jordan:.

    Assalamo Alaikum,

    My last trip to Jordan was really fun, Alhamdulillah. I got to see my grandma (Teta), my uncles and my aunts. Also, my uncle Abed had a small wedding party...so that was fun =).

    InshaAllah I will post pictures soon!


    Aro-I missed you so much. I need to talk to you ASAP! I need to tell you a lot of things. Dude...*sigh*
    Ally, Nida, Ikraam- where the heck are you girls? I hope you're doing fine =) Lots of love and inshaAllah we'll get to talk soon!
    Compash-You kinda NEVER update your blog =P. How are you sis? I hope everything's fine @ your end =).

    WALAA-lol..sup dawwggg <3 <3 how u doin w/ the hi5 stuff ;]

    Hana @ 7:20 PM


    Assalamo Alaikum

    About the shoutbox...I don't know why it's in German, but oh well. I learned a new word in German..I think

    Yea...this blog is back to life! I hope to hear from you guys soon.

    And corat...thanx a lot =). You're a great friend =).

    P.S.--I disabled the comments. You guys can leave anything that you want to say in my Shoutbox =].

    Hana @ 5:17 PM

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    Nasheeds:Abu Usaid, Ali AlAnzie, Ahmed Bukhatir, Abu AbdulMaalik, Faisal AlH'alibi, Tareq AbuZeyad, Ihaab AbdSalaam, Nida'ae wa Heda'ae, Abu Rateb, Abu Mazen, Abu AlJoud, Yusuf Islam, Imad Rami


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